“Oishii” (pronounced “oy she”) is the Japanese word for delicious.

I love eating and cooking! About six years ago, I started a journal in the front of my planner of new recipes I tried out, and there are already hundreds of entries. It’s kind of unreal to thumb through it. I was trying to devise a system to keep track of what I had made. I was hoping over time I would develop a repertoire of dishes that I would come back to over and over. I do have a few, but I cook mostly new dishes on a regular basis. So the list grows.

With this blog I will continue to journal my trials and tribulations in the kitchen. I currently subscribe to Food & Wine Magazine and Bon Appetit. Given the ability to easily share recipes from those cooking magazines on social media, I’m guessing at least for the near future most of my posts will be inspired from recipes I try out of them. I’m hoping to share some insights and make some new friends too.

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