Sauteed Chicken Paillards With Artichoke Hearts (recipe by Bon Appetit, April 2010)

I think I have discovered a kitchen prep task more dreadful than peeling pearl onions, getting to the heart of the artichoke. I had always been intimidated by the prospect of preparing fresh artichokes. So much for being a fearless chef. My friend Steve noted that “somebody had to be pretty hungry to figure out how to eat one of those.” Not only is it a daunting task to reach the heart, but it left me scratching my head wondering “is that all?” I’ll admit I’m not even sure if I did it right. Maybe there is a YouTube video to watch. Luckily I compost. I quickly filled up my kitchen compost bucket with the leaves and fuzzy mess, and proceeded to finish off with what is a delicious chicken dish.

I did follow the recipe closely, including using the fresh tarragon which the recipe called for, instead of reaching for my favored fresh thyme growing in the window. However, next time I will probably use frozen artichoke hearts instead of the three fresh ones. I have finally found a source for frozen artichoke hearts at Trader Joes.

pairing ideas: Serve the chicken paillards with roasted asparagus, long grain or basmati rice, or Israeli Couscous With Asparagus, Peas, and Sugar Snaps.

another recipe idea: While I was making this I recalled another chicken recipe I love Zesty Braised Chicken With Lemon and Capers.

update: I remade the chicken paillards with 2 cups of frozen artichoke hearts and it also turned out well.